• magnesium oil SPRAY

    magnesium oil SPRAY

    The fastest way of absorbing magnesium is using magnesium oil SPRAY.

  • 4Artico Joint SPRAY

    4Artico Joint SPRAY

    The fastest way of absorbing magnesium is using 4Artico Joint SPRAY.

  • Magnesium Oil Plus

    Magnesium Oil Plus

    Magnesium Oil Plus with Arnica, Eucalyptus and capsaicin.

  • Bioplus Beeswax

    Bioplus Beeswax

    Bioplus Beeswax ointment with beeswax, propolis cera, calendula extract and lavandula essential oil.

  • Vitamins D3plus, B12plus and Cplus

    Vitamins D3plus, B12plus and Cplus

    Highly effective and completely natural daily oral sprays to help increase vitamin D3, vitamin B12 and C concentration levels.

Bioplus is a company of health care and OTC products in Greece and owns modern facilities in Athens and an established sales network. Bioplus manufactures and exports its products through pharmacies, hospitals and health food stores, taking advantage of its members long experience and strong connection in the market.

Using skills, knowledge and close working partnerships with growers around the world the company is evolving from a simple distributor into a manufacturer leading the development of natural consumer healthcare products.

Our philosophy, which governs every stage of the company’s distribution and operation process, is to approach the product marketing and management with responsibility and in full consciousness. Our principles for ensuring high quality products and highly reliable processes are non-negotiable and constitute our daily aim. The support of research and the investment in innovative technologies ensure the company’s participation in the future pharmaceutical developments and in combination with our trained staff we try to foresee and fulfil our clients future needs.


Our vision is to create a pioneering business focusing on the improvement of life and the care for people. This is our concept of our every action and our every business initiative. Our activity and growth revolve around the core of our central vision which governs our every action: To continuously strive for progress, seek new and innovative pharmaceutical products and always implement these goals dedicated to the values of the company.

Vision to our:

- Clients:  Product efficiency, on time delivery of our products and after sales service.

- Co-operators: The motives to develop innovative ideas under family working conditions

- Suppliers: A reliable partner who can ensure the qualitative distribution

- Patient – Customer: The right to the improvement of their health


Certificate of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008

Certificate of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 IQNet and DQS GmbH