• Magnesium findings expel calcium bone strength myth

    Pioneers of a unique magnesium supplement say new research confirming the mineral’s vital role in giving children healthy bones has finally dispelled the myths surrounding calcium and bone strength. The US research found magnesium is key to regulating the proper amount of calcium in a child’s body, whereas calcium intake was not associated with total bone mineral content or density.* BetterYou, whose transdermal magnesium range is absorbed through the skin, say they hope the research will finally ...

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  • Study linking asthma to low vitamin D levels welcomed by health pioneers

    The link between low levels of the sunshine vitamin and worsening asthma has been welcomed by pioneers of vitamin D supplementation. Scientists at King’s College London found the vitamin calms an over-active part of the immune system in asthma patients and that low levels can lead to worsening symptoms, including breathing difficulties. Following these findings, Professor Catherine Hawrylowicz, who led the trial, told the BBC that the culture of covering up in the sun along with the ...

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  • Magnesium balance promoted after study finds link between calcium and heart disease

    Sufferers of osteoporosis and similar bones diseases are being urged to understand the role magnesium plays in maintaining healthy bones and teeth, after new research found an excessive intake of calcium supplements could cause heart disease. Women who supplement with calcium to treat a range of skeletal conditions including osteoporosis could double their risk of cardiovascular disease, the study published in the British Medical Journal this month found. But healthcare pioneers BetterYou strongly believe the risk could ...

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