Drug Test

Drug Test – Multiparameters urine

The Diagnostik Nord MultiLine Drug test is an immunochromatographic rapid test for the qualitative detection of several drugs of abuse, some psychotropics and their major metabolites in human urine.

It is a competitive immuno-assay and in case there is no drug in the urine the red line (test- and control-line) appear at the strips of the device. If there is a drug of abuse in the urine sample only the control-line appears at the test strips.


Available combinations

For example the following 6 drug types can be detected with the test:

* compound used as calibrator for adjusting cut off

Set-up of the test cassette

The plastic case of the test cassette encloses test strips and at the bottom end of the strips there is the sample well and at the upper part there is the window of the reaction zone. Because the strips enclose in the plastic case you can only imagine their position by the openings in the case (sample well and reaction zone). At the reaction zone there are several test zones and the control zone. The imprints on the case next to each reaction zone indicate each control and test zone. This test system is able to detect multi drugs or psychotropics in parallel.