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Magnesium flakes 1kg
Magnesium flakes 1kg
Magnesium flakes 1kg
Magnesium flakes 1kg
Magnesium flakes 1kg

Magnesium flakes 1kg

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Magnesium Chloride 1 kg in the form of flakes/Flakes for foot bath and use in the bathtub. Of natural marine origin (Zechstein) providing muscle relaxation. Ideal for physiotherapy and spa use.

Bioplus magnesium solution contains Zechstein Inside® natural magnesium chloride mined in Northern Europe from the primordial mineral deposits of the Zechstein Sea. In these deposits natural magnesium chloride has been concentrated and purified for over 250 million years, a mile below the ground.

  • Natural Magnesium Flakes 1kg of magnesium for rubbing.
  • Super-impregnated, naturally filtered with no additives.
  • Natural magnesium chloride of marine origin.
  • Ideal for athletes and people suffering from cramps and cramps.


The combination of hot water and Magnesium Chloride strengthens:

  • increasing magnesium levels in the body
  • the deposition of calcium in the bones
  • the relief of joint pain and muscle cramp

1kg of Zechstein Magnesium flakes contains 470g of Magnesium Chloride.
1kg of Zechstein Magnesium in flakes provides the body with 120g of pure Magnesium.

USE IN THE BATH: Add 500g of magnesium flakes (half of the package) to warm water in your bath and let your body relax for 20 minutes. Repeat 2 times a week. Suitable for all skin types. It contributes to the relief of muscle pains, to the relaxation of the body and offers a peaceful sleep.

USE FOR FOOT BATH: Add 100g of magnesium flakes (about 5 tbsp) to a basin of warm water and relax for 20 – 30 minutes.

*External use only. Away from children.


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